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Race and Social Justice

We are proud to have introduced, and to co-lead, the Race and Social Justice programme with schools across Barking and Dagenham. Launched in 2021, over 40 schools are actively involved in the programme, which considers issues relating to race and social justice across the three themes of:

  • Student experience and inclusion
  • Staff recruitment, progression and experience
  • Curriculum

Since launching the programme we have worked with schools, trusts and local authorities across London and beyond to help them develop their approach to equality and diversity.

We also work with a range of associates to deliver equality and diversity related INSET and training in schools.  

We offer this as a bespoke service for your school. Please enquire for more information.

Lee Boyce
Lee Boyce

Chief Executive


Lee Boyce, Chief Executive

For further information, or to discuss your requirements, contact Lee Boyce, Chief Executive, on 07890 630644 or email lee.boyce@bdsip.co.uk

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