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Supporting your school to maintain outstanding attendance for all learners.

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Attendance Service

An experienced attendance adviser will work closely with your attendance leads to create a bespoke package of support to meet your responsibility for proactively managing and improving attendance across the whole school community, as set out in Working together to improve school attendance (published May 2022).  

Focusing on your school priorities, your attendance adviser can: 

  • Ensure school leaders are fully conversant with your legislative responsibilities regarding attendance. 
  • Provide strategic advice to support the development of a whole school culture that promotes the benefits of outstanding attendance. 
  • Support school leaders to develop a clear school attendance policy which is readily understood by all staff, students and parents. 
  • Support the development of robust systems proven to improve attendance and punctuality. 
  • Support attendance leads with the analysis of attendance and absence data to identify students or cohorts who require support with their attendance and put effective strategies in place.  
  • Work in partnership with school leaders to build strong relationships with all families, particularly those who are hard-to-engage, with the aim of understanding barriers to attendance and identifying the best ways to address them. 
  • Provide individual casework and support for students with persistent absence or whose absence is a cause for concern. 
  • Work in partnership with your attendance leads to prepare cases for legal action when all other strategies have failed to improve attendance. 


£10,920 for the equivalent of one full day of support per week. £5,850 for the equivalent of 0.5 days of support per week.

Individual days can be purchased at a cost of £375 per day  

Lee Boyce
Lee Boyce

Chief Executive


Lee Boyce, Principal Adviser, Education and Inclusion

To discuss your requirements, contact: Lee Boyce, Principal Adviser, Education and Inclusion, on 07890 630 644 or

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