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Recruitment process

It is extremely important to us that we attract the best people to join BDSIP. As a diverse organisation serving diverse communities, we are also keen to attract a broad range of candidates for every role. To help us do this, we follow a consistent recruitment process, as outlined below.


Our recruitment procedure is designed to ensure that everyone joining our organisation:

  • Has the technical skills, experience, abilities and potential to be outstanding in the role to which they are appointed.
  • Is a strong cultural fit – both with regard to how we work together, and to our focus on customer service.
  • Understands the nature of BDSIP and is able to make an informed choice about whether it is the right organisation for the next stage in their career.


Our recruitment process is also designed to:

  • Be fair and transparent.
  • Incorporate a range of recruitment tools, tailored to each role, which allow us to consider candidates ‘in the round’.
  • Promote equality of opportunity, supporting BDSIP to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve across all roles and levels of seniority.


As an organisation, we are proud to be leading work with our schools to address issues of race and social justice. We value the diversity of the communities we serve and want our workforce to reflect this. Accordingly, we welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds, particularly those currently underrepresented in our workforce.


Advertising vacancies and applying for a job

All externally advertised vacancies at BDSIP will be widely promoted, typically in the national press as well as via social media. To ensure potential candidates have a full opportunity to apply, vacancies will normally be advertised for at least two weeks. All jobs will be accompanied by a job description and person specification which clearly set-out the role and the skills and experience we are looking for.

Applications are encouraged from all qualified candidates, irrespective of their background.

We will only accept completed application forms – CV’s will not be considered. We do this to support safer recruitment, ensuring we have full and consistent information about every candidate.

Our application form includes an equality and diversity information section. We include this so that we can better understand the diversity of the candidates we attract to apply for jobs, the diversity of shortlisted candidates and of those appointed. If we are not attracting and recruiting a diverse range of candidates this information helps us to understand at what stage in the process we need to adapt our approach.



The equality and diversity information section of the application form, as well as each candidate’s name, is removed prior to shortlisting so that this information cannot bias the shortlisting process.

When we shortlist for interview, each application is considered against the person specification for the role, with applications which most closely meet the criteria, and which provide the most robust evidence of the relevant experience, skills and abilities, being prioritised for interview. At least two people will shortlist independently for every role to help ensure shortlisting is completed robustly and consistently.


The interview process

Finding and appointing the best candidates is extremely important to us. This is reflected in our interview process, which is designed to explore candidates’ technical suitability for the role and how they might contribute to the culture of our organisation. All interviews will include a face-to-face interview. Most interview processes will also include a range of other activities or tasks designed to test candidates’ suitability for the role. All shortlisted candidates will be given details of this process prior to interview.

Interview panels at BDSIP will always be diverse and will usually be chaired by the person who will be managing the person recruited.


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