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Full Biography

Yasmine is a Work Experience & Employer Engagement Coordinator, who is responsible for sourcing and securing work experience placements for LBBD students, and building up good working relationships with LBBD schools and with local employers in East London and beyond. Yasmine joined BDSIP in 2018 as a Freelance Careers Advisor and is working towards her Level 6 IAG qualification which she hopes to achieve by 2023.

Prior to joining BDSIP, Yasmine managed the Traineeship Programme at Barking & Dagenham College, working with a cohort of “hard to reach” and vulnerable students, successfully placing them in Work Experience opportunities to complete their Traineeship. She has previous experience working in Arts, Culture and Heritage during a secondment for LBBD where she undertook a project to increase footfall for Eastbury Manor House. Yasmine continued to work for LBBD as an Employment Coordinator, supporting local residents through their introduction in the workplace after a long employment gap.

Yasmine started her career in Publishing – managing the circulation of an I.T magazine and has a degree in English Language and Linguistics – her dissertation being on the topic of “Gender and Power” which formed the beginnings of a strong interest in breaking down gender stereotypes and barriers within the workplace.

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