Counselling Service

Counselling Service

Counselling Service


Supporting your school to meet the emotional wellbeing needs of your learners and staff.

The BDSIP Counselling Service provides an affordable opportunity for mainstream schools and specialist settings to offer their most vulnerable learners person-centred counselling, delivered by qualified counsellors. Support can be tailored to individual needs and additional therapeutic approaches like CBT, Art or Play Therapy can be offered, where it suits the needs of the student. During its first year of operation, the service has positively impacted students to be better able to understand and communicate their emotions, resulting in improvements in their learning, mental health, wellbeing, social relationships and behaviour.

Counsellors are also able to provide services to families and staff to meet wider objectives in a whole school Wellbeing Plan, providing targeted support for teacher wellbeing, where needed, to ensure your school meets the requirements of the Ofsted Inspection Framework (2019).

Focusing on your school priorities, your counsellor will:

  • Offer regular therapeutic counselling for vulnerable students who do not meet Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) thresholds
  • Provide a mandatory daily debrief with an appropriate member of school staff to monitor impact and ensure due diligence to safeguarding
  • Provide a half-termly evaluation report to track impact and progress for each student in receipt of counselling
  • Provide the opportunity for confidential counselling support for staff to improve overall wellbeing and mental health
  • Provide the opportunity for counselling support for families
  • Provide support for referrals to other agencies, when required
  • Provide input into student’s individual support plans with strategies that work to encourage emotional regulation.

We have developed a pool of qualified counsellors who provide high quality support to schools, meeting the needs of vulnerable children and young people with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, wellbeing or behavioural concerns who do not meet thresholds for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

The service will also support schools to take a proactive approach to mental health and wellbeing for both students and staff, a key feature of the Covid-19 Recovery Plan for schools and the current Ofsted inspection framework.


100% of students said they felt safe talking to their counsellor, and they manage their feelings better.

80% of students said they manage their behaviour better and they’re happier with their life.


£6,500 for the equivalent of one day (4 individual face-to-face counselling sessions) per week with a qualified counsellor

£3,900 for the equivalent of one day (4 individual face to face counselling sessions) per week with a trainee counsellor (secondary schools only)


Contact: Paul Opoku, Counselling Service Lead, on 07968 511 980 or

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We have had two counsellors from BDSIP, and they have both been fantastic. They have been very professional and have developed a great rapport with the children and staff in school.

The children have really benefitted from the support and we have seen a massive difference in their ability to talk about their feelings and emotions. The service has been amazing from the start and the counsellors selected have been well matched to our needs at school. I would highly recommend the service!”

Carla Robinson, Assistant Headteacher – Grafton Primary School

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