Laurel Trust Group Reading Programme with Louise Harding – Dates Now Available

Oct 11, 2022 | CPD

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Laurel Trust Group Reading Programme

Schools need to register their interest for this training and dates will be scheduled. To register your interest, please email 



  • £1,230 per school
  • Schools will receive a 50% discount resources, specially selected by Louise for your school’s individual needs. 



The course will take place in your own school


This course is one half day of training for experienced TAs that have had experience of guided reading within the classroom.   

The programme aims to close the attainment gap in reading for children that are up to 6 months below their reading age. It uses an instructional approach to help students improve their reading skills.  In the 2021-22 phase of this training programme, which included 130 children in B&D schools, the LTRG saw an average 8 Benchmark Levels progress over 12 weeks.  In this cohort the children caught up with their peers. 

TAs work with pairs or groups of three to help children use their problem-solving skills to improve their reading skills. 

The goal is to encourage and empower students to read independently and for pleasure. 

Louise Harding, Literacy Intervention Lead and Reading Recovery Teacher Trainer, will lead high quality literacy training for TAs and will also: 

  • quality assure the delivery of the programme to ensure impact 
  • support assessments using the PM Benchmark Kits  
  • manage data tracking for school leaders to monitor impact 
  • offer bespoke support to meet the needs of each school. 


Why should I attend? 

You are a Teaching Assistant who has experience of guided reading and a passion for improving children’s literacy skills. 

This course will help you: 

  • understand the principles and practice of small group reading, the role of the TA, and matching the book to the needs of the child 
  • understand different reading strategies and teaching reading through the use of prompts 
  • use the reading continuum to make informed book selection both for purpose and for learning objective. 


You will also be provided with termly visits from Louise Harding to help with selecting children, monitoring progress and additional benchmark training, if required 


What will the course cover? 

The course will cover: 

  • the structure of a small group reading lesson 
  • how to create groups using assessment 
  • how to review individual progress 
  • rationales and practices for appropriate text selection 
  • how to support reading for pleasure 
  • how to engage with parents to support reading at home. 


Who should attend? 

  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Learning Support Assistant 


Schools will need to register their interest for this course.  When there are sufficient registrations, course dates will be scheduled. 

To register your interest, please email 


Contact information 

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