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Nov 10, 2022 | Thought leadership

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Summer 2023 exam timetables

JCQ awarding bodies have now published their final timetables for the summer 2023 examination series.

These include GCSE, GCE AS and A level examinations and can be found on individual awarding body websites:


Contingency days update

These are now timetabled for the afternoons of the 8 and 15 June as well as the day of 28 June 2023. These contingency days are designed to be used in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations.


Key dates

The JCQ Key dates in the examination cycle document (June 2023) is now available on their website.

The document features key dates for main examination series of GCSE, GCE and Project qualifications which are common to all the JCQ awarding bodies, as well as key dates for

  • Access arrangements
  • Entries
  • Submitting centre assessed marks
  • Release of results
  • Final dates for post-result services

Centre staff with teaching and administrative responsibilities will need to be aware of these dates.


Instructions for Conducting Examinations

The JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations (ICE) for academic year 2022/2023, was updated on 25 October 2022.

An amendment has been made to page 29, paragraph 14.3. This applies only to AQA GCSE Bengali, Modern Hebrew and Panjabi examinations.

A bilingual translation dictionary is not permitted in these examinations. This also extends to the preparation time for the Speaking Test.

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