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Free for schools subscribed to our CPD package. This course covers essential aspects to create a supportive educational environment. Participants will delve into defining nurturing approaches, looking 6 principles of Nurture and understanding their positive impact on academic and emotional well-being.

1 hour, 30 minutes, 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM

CU London
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  • £65.00 excl.


Emphasis is placed on effective communication, building strong relationships, and fostering inclusivity. Conflict resolution skills and the celebration of achievements and diversity are addressed, promoting a harmonious school culture. The training also explores practices for pupil and educator well-being, recognising the vital role of parental involvement and a look at how dedicated "nurture spaces" can have such positive outcomes for all. Professional development opportunities are highlighted, encouraging a continuous improvement mindset. The course concludes with participants developing actionable plans for implementing learned strategies in their unique school contexts, promoting a sustained nurturing approach.


Why should I attend?

Does your school want to cultivate a nurturing environment that goes beyond traditional education? By participating, staff will gain insights into effective communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution, fostering a positive culture. The training promotes inclusivity and celebrates diversity, ensuring that every student feels valued. Emphasising student and educator well-being, will equip schools with strategies for managing stress and creating supportive spaces. Parental involvement is underscored as a crucial component for success. The training also offers avenues for professional development, empowering staff to continuously enhance their skills. Ultimately, schools attending this training are better positioned to create a holistic, nurturing approach to education, positively impacting academic performance and the overall well-being of students and staff.



What will the course cover?

  • Introduction to Nurturing Approaches: Defining the concept of nurturing in an educational context and reviewing the "Six Principles of Nurture"
  • Effective Communication: Exploring communication strategies that promote understanding and empathy.
  • Building Strong Relationships: Discussing the importance of positive teacher-student relationships and sharing techniques
  • Creating Inclusive Environments: Sharing practices for accommodating various learning styles and needs to ensure all pupils feel valued and safe. 
  • Conflict Resolution: Emphasising the role of communication and empathy in resolving conflicts.
  • Celebrating Achievements and Diversity: Exploring ways to recognise and celebrate student achievements.
  • Well-being Practices: Introducing strategies for promoting mental and emotional well-being.
  • Parental Involvement: Highlighting the importance of involving parents in fostering a nurturing school culture.
  • Professional Development: Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement within the school community.
  • Action Planning: Guiding participants in developing action plans tailored to their school's unique context.


Who should attend?


  • Teacher
  • Teaching/Learning Support Assistant
  • Well-Being Leaders
  • Nurture Leaders
  • Behaviour Leaders



Pay as you go - £65.00

Schools subscribed to our CPD package - £0.00


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