Spotlight on Green Industries

Last week Spotlight on Green Industries sessions took place at the Riverside Construction site and were attended by pupils from Five Elms and Riverside Primary. The day marked one example of the work the BDSIP careers team are doing to inspire and engage young people across the borough in a range of future professions.

Clare Coombs hosted the sessions and the children heard about Recycling from Dave Buckley, the Managing Director of ENVAC who are installing the most up-to-date and innovative waste collection system where rubbish bags are sucked through tunnels underground from street bins to the large collection points making the whole operation ‘greener’ which was much to the amazement of staff and students!

Students heard from a range of experts in the field including Asha Mistry and Alexander Trotman who work in the Construction Environmental Management section and led a session on how and why pollution is monitored and how chemical waste is disposed of. Finally, Dave Hope-Thomson and Gemma Costin, ecologists attached to the construction project, explained their roles in monitoring wildlife and rehousing the water voles while construction is taking place with a plan to reintroduce them back to Riverside in the future.




Riverside pupils also visited an electricity pylon was being dismantled to make way for the railway extension – a real bonus to watch the cranes and dismantling team in action.


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