Speech & Language Conference


On the 13th December we hosted this highly successful one day conference at Prince Regent Hotel. Over 120 delegates attended, including SENCOs, Headteachers, Assistant Heads and Teaching Assistants – mainly from Barking & Dagenham schools.

The presenters were drawn from both nationally and internationally recognised experts in their field: Professor David Crystal OBE; Stephen Parsons; Alex Kelly.  In addition, Sofia Mansoor (LBBD NHS SaLT) also provided a local perspective.

The day was well received and we have some fantastic feedback to share;
Conference evaluations gave an average score of 1.25 and of 1.5 for the speakers. (1 being excellent). 

Evaluation comments included;

”Excellent event, really interesting day. Great speakers fabulous”

”Great venue, great refreshments and great speakers”

”Good opportunity to share experiences”

”Good opportunity to share best practice and consider new options”


Professor David Crystal OBE’s Presentation