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We are glad to announce we are having a poetry competition. We are looking for poetry from pupils’ work in Religious Education inspired from their experience from lockdown and life. The deadline is Friday 28th May 2021 to enter up to ten pieces of poetry from each school. Poems should be sent to and then members of B&D SACRE will judge winners for EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4.

There are many exciting ways RE and poetry can connect, and so we hope in this extraordinary year this gives schools something do-able as a focus for RE. World Poetry Day is on 21 March 2021, and this gives schools the opportunity of making some RE themes their whole school focus around this date.

Potential themes for poems reflecting on lockdown and life!

  • Were they any significant journeys you made as a family, as a school or as a religious or non-religious community during lockdown or over the summer? To the beach, a significant location, a school ceremony, a place of pilgrimage? Why are these journeys significant? What do you think you or others get from taking these journeys or pilgrimages? What places are significant to you around your school or neighbourhood? Are any of those places sacred places?
  • Questions, questions. RE is all about questions, and this theme invites poetry that asks, explores and wrestles with ‘ultimate’ big questions. Who? What? Where? How? Why? Why not? Especially through lockdown what questions did pupils find themselves considering?
  • Where is God? In lockdown atheists, agnostics and believers in God might all respond to this by expressing their sense of the search or the find. Where’s God or where was God during the pandemic?
  • Mystery of life. This theme invites pupils to express their own ideas about the puzzles, mysteries and imponderables of life. So much we don’t know, so much that inspires, so much that is mysterious, so much that might make you rejoice or grieve about life … Where to begin?

SACRE members have created short films to showcase ideas about what has helped them in lockdown, these videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

For promotional posters and postcards please click the links below to download:
A3 Poster
A4 Poster

Submit your entries

  • All entries must be clearly marked on a word document or in a PPT with the following:
  • School name
    Teacher name
    Email address
    One page for each entry – you could have 10 entries from a year group as a school, or 1/2 from each year group – the choice is up to you.
  • On each poem within your entry there should be the pupils name; age, theme (if they used one from the above list), example of the writing frame or support you used and their poem
  • We look forward to receiving some wonderful, inspirational and unique work from your pupils. Please get in contact if you have further questions

If you have any questions then please do email our RE advisor,


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