Social Story Plan: Edit Word Doc

The social story plan provides an document you can edit to plan and write your own social stories
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Rise Above: Transition to Secondary Schools PHE School Zone

School Zone: Transition to secondary school lesson plans. Including dealing with change, positve relationships
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Poster-Staff- What is Mental Health

What is mental health? How it affects how you feel, think and act. Support for your mental health.
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Mind Ed: Supporting Children Through Loss

Easy¬† read guide to death and loss. Includes ways to help your child with different types of loss and when  
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Mindful Listening

MindSpace: A ten step guide to mindful listening
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Heads Together: Back to School

Top ten tips for talking in primary schools
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Feelings Chart

Partnership for Chiildren Emotions Board Visual support to help identify and communicate feelings and emotions
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Coping with Low Mood

Quick guidance on coping with a low mood, what may be causing it and how to get furhter support.  
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Coping Toolbox

Simple but effective activity for schools and families to support children to develop strategies for coping with stess, anxiety and  
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