The LASER Programme - Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire

LASER questionnaire developed by Studio 3 to assess training needs which will direct the training pathway for your school.
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BDSIP One Plan Template

BDSIP provides a template for SEND children which includes one page profile and target planning and  tracking    
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Council For Disabled Children SEN and Disability in the Early Years A Toolkit

Council for Disabled Children provides a took kit for best practice principles for EYFS and SEND transition    
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Early Years Transition and SEND Project

Institute of Education reseach paper analysing the early years and transtion best practice and key principles    
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Early Years Guide to SEND Code of Practice DFE

Early years SEND Code of Practice  
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Help in the Early Years for Parents with SEND

Contact for families with disability fact sheet to support parents with SEND  
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SEND Transition Toolkit

Council for disabled children provides a tool kit to support transtion for children with SEND  
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Innerworld Resources – Primary School Cheat Sheet

Primary school cheat sheet of survival in school.
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Vicious Cycle

A worksheet to support children to name and explore their emotions.
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Model Stress Management Plan

A model to complete stress management plan for children.
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