"What Early Years providers need to know about supporting young children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families"

National Children’s Bureau advice with helpful questions and answers for supporting children with SEND for Early Years    
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Stress Management Plan Model - Editable

An editable plan to support staff to identify key stresses and plan responses to behaviour which challenges.
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Young Minds: The resilient classroom

A resource pack for tutor groups and pastoral staff and a guide to the signs of low mood and depression  
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Young Minds - Parent advice for bereavement

Young Minds advice for parents on bereavement, information and support with guidance and practical ideas
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Education Support for Teachers: Lifeline Poster

Education support for teachers information poster
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Coping with Low Mood

Quick guidance on coping with a low mood, what may be causing it and how to get furhter support.  
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Coping Toolbox

Simple but effective activity for schools and families to support children to develop strategies for coping with stess, anxiety and  
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Quick Reference Motor Coordination/ Dyspraxia

A quick guide and resource links for Dyspraxia
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Quick Reference Dyslexia

A quick guide and resources for Dyslexia
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Derbyshire EPS - Emotionally Based School Refusal

Understanding Emotionally Based School Refusal and Strategies for Support
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