Young Minds: The resilient classroom

A resource pack for tutor groups and pastoral staff and a guide to the signs of low mood and depression  
Details 18 downloads

Pyramid of Need: Academic Resilience

Young minds provide identifies pyramid of need to identify children and young people and intervention level
Details 90 downloads

Young Minds: Talking To A Child About Death

Easy reference for talking to your child about a death or loss.
Details 6 downloads

Mental Health Helpful Thinking

Thinking Cards and cognitive distortions powerpoint with activities, thinking plans and activity sheets for helpful and accurate thinking.
Details 6 downloads

ARK Academy KS4 Learning for Life and Learning

Emotional Well-being Lesson Plans including what is emotional well being and self harm
Details 3 downloads

Samaritans: Compassion in Education

Compassion in Education: A toolkit for teaching staff and education professionals
Details 4 downloads

Time to Change: Mental Health Leaflet

Mental Health leaflet for young people
Details 6 downloads

Time to Change: Mental Health Quiz

Mental Health true or false quiz
Details 4 downloads

Time to Change: Mental Health Spectrum

Time to change mental health spectrum and activity sheet
Details 5 downloads

Public Health England: Measuring and Monitoring Wellbeing Toolkit

Public Health England provides a toolkit for schools and colleges to measure and monitor children and YP mental wellbeing  
Details 10 downloads
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