Inspiring the next generation for the leisure industry

Last Tuesday, October 8, as part of the newly launched ‘Grown Up Me’ primary careers programme, 120 pupils form four schools (Five Elms, Riverside, Manor Longbridge and Thomas Arnold) gathered at the state-of-the-art the Future Youthzone for Inspire Leisure Industry.


In groups the children heard from five speakers talking about their work in democracy, theatre, film and sport. In colourful presentations the click of a movie clapboard could be heard and a collage of famous actors who had filmed in the borough were on display. Work, after all, can be much more ‘fun than fun’.

A manager from Marriott Hotels and a pianist from the London Symphony Orchestra also spoke about their experiences.  Pupils were inspired by the enthusiasm of all the speakers for their work. One of the strengths of this programme was that pupils were reminded that there is a place for beauty, fun and culture in the complex world they are growing up in. The sessions were interactive and participatory. Evidence of how children are increasingly attuned to issues like climate change was on display.

The next event in November has the theme ‘Inspire Technical Industry’.


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