Inspection Matters

On Monday, heads and senior leaders took the opportunity to hear from 3 primary headteachers who have recently undergone inspection since September. There were more attendees than registered at the event held in Ripple Primary School.


In pithy presentations, the teachers discussed what’s changed, the new scope and emphasis under the new inspection framework. This ranged from anecdotes of inspectors’ observing practices like ‘sequencing’ in the classroom to subjects like ‘cultural capital’ – so that children from low-income families can also access culture and other life-enhancing opportunities in the classroom as children from middle-class backgrounds. Another theme was the shift away from outcomes (and teaching to the test) to ensuring – whatever the outcome – schools should focus on providing stimulating and rich learning experiences for all pupils.  

In small groups, the heads and senior leaders reflected on what what further actions they might take in their schools.




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