Membership benefits

BDSIP is proud to be 81% owned by 56 of the schools in Barking and Dagenham. Schools do not have to be members of BDSIP to use our services. However, members enjoy a range of additional benefits

Membership benefits

In addition to conferring voting rights at our AGM and for the election of board directors, we have developed a range of member benefits for 2019/20.  These include: 

  • Votes for Schools – will continue to be available to all member schools at a significantly discounted rate (alone worth more than the cost of BDSIP membership), with the voting platform available to all members.
  • Discount of 20% on all BDSIP delivered CPD.
  • Access to our recruitment and retention support package. This currently includes access to housing across the borough at 20% below market rate rent; with further support to be added in 2019/20.


Membership costs 

Membership costs have been frozen from 2018/19 at the deliberately low price of £350.  This year we are also introducing a three-year membership for £800, further lowering the annual cost. 


Our AGM will be held as part of the headteachers’ conference on 11 July 2019.  All member schools will have the opportunity to vote on the company’s business plan and other key matters, as well as to join us in celebrating our first year of operation. 


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