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With more than 30 years’ experience in working with people with ASD that has been recognised by the Passwerk Lifetime Achievement Award, we are proud to welcome Peter to launch our SEND and Inclusion Conference 2022 when we will spend the day working with a range of Inclusion experts to explore how SEND Leaders can deliver on a vision of inclusive schools where happy children learn and progress.


Conference Plan: 

8:30am - 9.00am -  Tea and Coffee Networking

9:00am– Conference starts promptly with the opening Keynote speaker: Peter Vermeulen PhD- Happy Children Learn 


10:15am to 2:45pm - Workshops 

  • Delegates will need to sign up for one morning and one afternoon workshop.   

  • Each workshop will run once in the morning and be repeated in the afternoon. 

  • There is a maximum of 30 places in each workshop. 


Workshop 1 

Peter Vermeulen, PhD: Stress related behaviours in autism 

For students on the autism spectrum, who are absolute thinkers, the world with its ever-changing meanings is very confusing and threatening. This is especially the case if autism goes together with low cognitive abilities or a young developmental age. Then, the world can be so threatening, that the only way to communicate stress and anxiety is through behaviours, such as a meltdown, a shutdown or even self-injurious behaviours or aggression. In this workshop we’ll explore the underlying causes of these stress related behaviours and some strategies to cope with these behaviours than can be challenging the environment. 

Content of the workshop 

  • Autistic thinking in a VUCA world results in stress and anxiety  

  • The link between emotional development and stress related behaviours: different stages of emotional development 

  • Teaching coping strategies: sensory, physical and psychological strategies 

  • How to prevent stress related behaviours and how to cope with them: practical strategies 

  • Managing the beliefs and the stress of the people working with autistic students: coping strategies for the staff 


Workshop 2 

Roz Kurtyanek, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist for Words First: Communication-friendly environments 

Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are more likely to experience associated difficulties in school that mayimpact their sense of wellbeing and mental health.  In this practical workshop, we will reflect on our own settings and consider how we can create communication friendly environments where ‘happy children learn’. 


Content of the workshop 

  • An overview of the five main areas of SLCN 

  • An investigation of the impact SLCN can have upon both staff and pupils in a school setting 

  • Modelling and personal practice of how to implement strategies to support pupils with SLCN to fulfil their learning potential 


Workshop 3 

Gareth D. Morewood, Educational Adviser at Studio III: Reimagining approaches to SEND provision 

The Green Paper, SEND Review: Right Time, Right Place, Right Support, published in March 2022, places a clear emphasis on improving mainstream provision through ‘a ‘what works’ evidence programme to identify and share best practice, including in early intervention’.   In this practical workshop, we will explore ‘what works’ to create positive stories of positive outcomes for happy children and young people. 


Workshop 4 

Sarah Johnson, Director and Strategic Education Consultant at Phoenix Education: Children and young people’s perspectives on what schools can do to support their emotional well-being 

There are growing concerns about children’s mental health and emotional well-being. This workshop will be based around a survey of 856 children which explored questions about how safe children felt, what they enjoy at school, what things they found helpful for their mental health and things that might make things difficult. We will explore these perspectives whilst reiterating the belief that children are the experts in their own lived experiences, providing answers and solutions to issues, that we, as adults, may not consider.  


Workshop 5 

Louise Harding, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader:Happy Children Can Read 

The impact of the pandemic on children’s literacy levels has been well-documented, particularly for children from disadvantaged backgroundsIn this session, we will explore the features of a comprehensive literacy intervention strategy that will support all children to develop the skills they need. 


Content of the workshop 

  • How do we effectively assess children’s literacy skills to identify exactly what support they need? 

  • What are the features of an effective, impactful literacy development strategy? 


2.45pmClosing Keynote: Zohab Zee Khan, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Educator 

4pm - Conference closes 


Who should attend?

  • Headteacher 
  • SENCO 
  • ARP Lead 
  • Senior Leader 
  • Teaching Assistant 
  • Learning Support Assistant 
  • Governor 


No charge to LBBD schools. 

£150 per delegate from schools outside of Barking and Dagenham. 

Please choose one AM and one PM workshop option. 

Booking confirmation including access information and important pre-course information will be sent to you upon booking.  

Please check your junk inbox if you do not receive your booking confirmation and ensure you mark the sender as safe to enable you to receive any further pre-course information or changes.  


Contact information 

For specific enquiries about this course, please contact Lee  

For general booking or CPD enquiries please contact  

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