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These two practical training sessions aim to take delegates through the complete processes of screening and identification of dyslexia, exploring the issues of best practice within this activity.


Why should I attend?

  • Ten percent of the population are believed to be dyslexic, but it is still often poorly understood and often not diagnosed. This course will enable you to have a greater understanding and knowledge of ways to identify and support the strengths and talents of children and young people with dyslexia.
  • This course will help give you the tools and expertise you need to identify needs and draw up a teaching programme for a pupil
  • The British Dyslexia Association is the leading organisation in the field of providing training in Dyslexia.


What will the course cover? 

NB This course can form part of a BDA Level 3 accredited course (5 topics needed – please see other courses in this series on the BDSIP website). It is strongly recommended that you do the introductory session on Dyslexia before you do the screening session.

Through the practical demonstration of screening tools, it will identify what a screening tool does along with its uses and limitations. Delegates will learn how to evaluate screening tools, read individual profiles and reports from a tool, and develop understanding of what the next steps might be for the individuals involved.


It is strongly suggested that you do the introductory awareness session before the screening session to put it into context.


Can form part of a Level 3 accredited course (5 topics needed). There will be a 1 hour dedicated to discussion about the BDA L3 qualification on Tuesday 15th March 2.30-3.30 p.m.

NB You should buy or have the tests/assessment screeners to participate in these two sessions as you will be required to use them to screen a pupil(s) and then bring your findings back to the second session in order to build an appropriate teaching programme for each pupil.


We suggest the PhaB 2 and YARC tests, if your school has copies already and bring these to the session.

We will also be discussing LADS/LASS/Nessy Quest/Dyslexia Portfolio/DST. If you are unable to have access to any resources please contact us before the session .


Please go to

for more information on these tests.


Who should attend?



☒ARP Lead

☒Senior Leader

☒Middle Leader

☒Head of Department

☒Deputy Head

☒Subject Lead/ Coordinator


☒Teaching Assistant

☒Learning Support Assistant



☒Parents support advisors



Pay as You Go - £100

CPD Package - No charge


Booking confirmation including access information and important pre-course information will be sent to you upon booking.


Please check your junk inbox if you do not receive your booking confirmation and ensure you mark the sender as safe to enable you to receive any further pre-course information or changes.


Contact information

For specific enquiries about this course, please contact Pauline Drew at


For general booking or CPD enquiries please contact

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