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This full day session is designed to support Year 6 teachers in teaching the English Curriculum. The focus will be around quality teaching and meeting the End of Key Stage 2 Expectations.


This is a full day course.

Please ensure that teachers bring their children’s KS1 data and end of Year 5 data.


Why should I attend?

  • To develop and build my understanding of high quality, engaging teaching that boosts engagement and helps to ensure successful outcomes for my pupils
  • To feel more confident to meet the End of Key Stage 2 Expectations.


What will it cover?

SATs focus

  • Considering teaching and learning throughout the course of the year in order to ensure that children experience the full English curriculum and also have secure evidence for teachers to make their judgements at the end of the key stage
  • Discussing the administration of the SATs tests
  • Considering ways to prepare for the SATs tests
  • Examining the Assessment Frameworks for KS2 in Writing
  • Examining pupil performance to develop target setting
  • Sharing borough data to examining issues arising.



  • Sharing and discuss the more rounded expectations for children and their reading in Year 6
  • Considering the range of materials and methods that are available to teachers in supporting children to make appropriate progress and attainment by the end of KS2
  • Discussing the teaching and learning required for children to secure appropriate reading attainment
  • Exploring what is needed in order to attain the Greater Depth Standard.



  • Discussing the teaching of writing, enhancing enjoyment and quality whilst attaining good outcomes
  • Sharing the expectations for writing outcomes, moderation and Assessment Framework
  • Exploring what is needed in order to attain the Greater Depth Standard.


Who should go?

  • Middle Leaders
  • Teachers



This is a half day course.

  • CPD Package subscribers: There will be no charge for this course for schools who have purchased the CPD Package.
  • Pay as you go BDSIP members:For schools that have not bought the CPD Package, there will be a charge of £200 per delegate for BDSIP members.
  • Pay as you go non-members:There will be a charge of £250 per delegate for schools which do not currently have BDSIP membership. 



To be confirmed


Additional information

If you can’t attend, or if a colleague will be attending in your place, please inform us as soon as you can before the event.

Cancellations less than 48 hours before the course may still be charged.


Who to contact

For specific enquiries about this course, please contact the course leader, Nicola Wix, at: nicola.wix@bdsip.co.uk

For general booking or CPD enquiries please contact: cpdevents@bdsip.co.uk


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